Vancouver Artist Colin Everall Releases Instrumental Piano Versions of 3 Full Tool Albums on Youtube

The band’s classics “Ænima”, “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days” are performed in full.

We last caught up with Vancouver-based artist & musician Colin Everall (@colin.everall) shortly after he’d taken on the daunting task of arranging and performing ‘the sacred triad’ of Tool albums – “Ænima”, “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days”, on solo piano. He’s now completed the trilogy and made all the live performance videos available on his Youtube channel.

About his choice to take on this project, Everall says:

“During those formative years, I discovered a band that sounded unlike anything else. Their music and art fomented a defining passion to challenge myself and the conventions of what is possible creatively. As homage to that inspiration and in anticipation of the long-awaited new album, I will be releasing a new video every Thursday of my own piano arrangements for every song from Tool’s “Ænima”, “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days”.”

Now that the videos are public, he adds:

“It’s great to finally have the full album videos up, but when I first started the project, the new album was still a rumored fable. Now it feels like there’s still work to do. So watch for that on my YouTube channel soon and lots of other covers, as well as other upcoming music, art, and video projects.”

Although it’s unfortunate for Colin that, after a long stint of isolation and personal lock-down while working on these tracks, the world is now pretty much on lock-down, one thing is for certain. It’s incredibly helpful for us to connect with each other during these unprecedented and uncertain times. With music being one of the best ways to do so, you’re warmly invited to sit down with Colin Everall and hear Tool’s music in a different form.

Watch the albums below.

About Colin Everall


Colin Everall has been involved in the Vancouver, Canada Music & Film community for many years, having producer, director, and performer credits on a variety of projects. Previous works include music videos for Post Death Soundtrack’s “Ultraviolence” (Producer), Waiting For Sunday’s “Last Goodbye” (Producer & Director), and Waiting For Sunday’s latest album, The Windsor Effect (2015) (Producer & Mixer). Colin recently worked with Post Death Soundtrack on their new album artwork and “Chosen Sons” music video, both which he spearheaded with his own original creations. Colin won several awards for his work on Waiting For Sunday’s “The Love Is Gone”.

Youtube channel:

IG name: colin.everall


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