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Vancouver Music Promotion


I.M.P focuses on building your presence in local, national, and international media using traditional and non-traditional techniques. We promote our clients through both mainstream media as well as individual freelance writers. These two campaign strategies working together generate the most press possible for our roster.

High amounts of quality press

I.M.P’s Vancouver indie rock group Pigeon Park

Since our inception in 2010, we continue to have success with our Vancouver and international artists. All of the musicians and bands we represent enjoy high amounts of quality press. Our press results are guaranteed. I.M.P. is a Vancouver music promotion company founded by CEO James Moore. As a Vancouver native, Moore knows his hometown is a hotbed for undiscovered talent. However, it takes innovative thinking outside the box to be heard. As author of the bestselling music marketing guide “Your Band Is A Virus” and one of the music marketing genre’s most followed voices, Moore has spent years developing a unique DIY philosophy and approach to music promotion.

James is true to his word

He uses every innovative marketing technique recommended in “Your Band Is A Virus” to your advantage. He believes strongly in a grassroots approach, which is how he built Independent Music Promotions from a small operation to one of North America’s most revered and sought after music promotion companies. At I.M.P, we do more than simply wait in line to knock on the local doors. We boost your online presence by getting you press where “the grass is greener”. We take you far beyond Vancouver music promotion; we market you internationally. We believe in accountability in the music PR industry by respecting the art we work with and getting results for our artists every time.

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