We’re very excited to share the good news that award-winning sitar player and composer Mohamed Assani will be performing at tomorrow’s “Beginnings – Sonic Tributes” virtual festival courtesy of Indian Summer Festival. His 2020 “Wayfinder” album is not to be missed, blurring the lines between transcendent sitar mastery and dark, rousing synths.

Watch Mohamed perform “Lullaby for Guli” for Indie Summer Festival.

From indiansummerfest.ca: Before we had language, we had music. Researchers suggest that music may have allowed our distant ancestors to communicate before the invention of language (it is after all, defined as ‘sound that conveys emotion’).

Music has always provided the social glue that brings people together, and in this time of isolation, some of Vancouver’s musical treasures bring us together virtually in a special event to kick off ISF’s 10th anniversary season. This is at once an ode to the city that we love (and miss) and a tribute to the wealth of musical languages that exists here.


Watch it on Facebook or YouTube.

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