Post-Punk Art Rock group Cosmopolis’s new music video takes us through a dark musical odyssey as they ride the crest of the late 60’s cultural wave as hope and possibility gave way to an evil combination of crime, corruption and military might. The haunting new single “Nixon-Manson” will be released on February 25, with an ambitious music video to follow on March 4. On “Nixon-Manson”Cosmopolis lean into their shadowy signature sound with reckless abandon, and the result is riveting. Fans of artists like Swans, Killing Joke, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd and Bauhaus should enjoy this release.

From the Artist:
Nixon-Manson is Cosmopolis’  new single, and it’s probably the closest we shall ever come to writing a musical – albeit the darkest and scariest musical you’ll ever experience. We are fascinated with the late 1960s, and wanted to convey in words and music an era dominated by political corruption, the death of idealism, the crumbling of empire, and some moments of pure evil that changed popular culture forever.

Watch the brand new “Nixon-Manson” official music video, released March 4th.

Stream “Nixon-Manson” at Bandcamp.