With the environmental crisis reaching new heights every year, Johanna Dadap has something to say. The Filipino Pop Singer and Songwriter shines on her timely, topical new single and music video “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke”. Johanna lends her sublime vocals and acoustic guitar skills to the track, while the additional instrumentation and production is provided by Paul ‘Taffy’ White.

The lyrics are an impassioned plea for foresight and wisdom in a time where it seems these are in woefully short supply.

“All the words in all the songs they seem to fall on deafened ears
No one hears
No one hears a word till
The world’s gone up in smoke
And mother nature’s broke
But she’s too young to die” 

Heavy themes aside, Johanna Dadap‘s voice is wholly charming, and coupled with the backing arrangements which are delivered with a George Harrison flair, this is a stunning new release that can be enjoyed with or without delving deep into the lyrical content. “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” music video is out August 25.

At 19 years of age, it’s incredibly encouraging to see young artists like Johanna put their voices and spirits to work on creating positive change.

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Watch the official music video on Youtube.