West Coast Psybient Downtempo Musician Marc-E Releases Experimental, Impactful “Catharsis”

Psybient Downtempo musician Marc-E "Catharsis" album cover artVancouver-based Psybient/Downtempo Musician Marc-E has announced the release of experimental new full-length album “Catharsis”, out October 1, 2021. Electronic music enthusiasts can expect a multi-layered psychedelic experience as well as plenty of live instrumentation and syncopated hand drums. Marc-E used creative recording techniques, employed the sounds of multiple instruments and embraced his own sound effects as well as the natural world around him to create this boundary-breaking release.

With track names like “Acceptance”, “Seed of Faith” and “Shadow Work”, listeners can also expect a musical compass for their own inner journey. Marc-E’s “Catharsis” is undoubtedly music for the creative, deep thinker ready to let go of unnecessary mental trappings.

Psybient Downtempo musician Marc-EFrom the Artist:
Catharsis is very experimental, I used many creative and unique recording techniques. The vibe and feel of Catharsis is to release past traumas and find comfort in the moment, and move on with full confidence in life.

Stream “Catharsis”:

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