The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band - Fire Sign EP

The new EP from Seattle’s psychedelic trip-hop, electronica/dance artist known as ‘The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band’ is entitled “Fire Sign”. The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is the brainchild of Jared Sand who wrote, recorded and produced this trippy collection of songs that are heavily layered with synths and beats, creating a psychedelic soundscape that could easily be theme music to a dream you might have, or perhaps the soundtrack for a newer science fiction movie taking place somewhere in space.

The Fire Sign EP is a perfect follow up to his last recording (Live in Studio 11/14) showing off the fact that Jared has much more to offer working in the studio solo than jamming on the fly with other collaborators. If you like the grooves and trippy-ness of acts like Om Unit or perhaps The Chemical Brothers, then you can appreciate what The Cool Moonmist Mountain band has to offer up here.

“Upbeat downtempo you can hang out with. This release is a culmination of festival life and everyday living over the past year. A foray into new experiences in a fire sign. A metaphorical representation of rising energy from the ether.”

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