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Your Band is a Virus

GROW WITH US Music Marketing Platform

The Husk offers musicians an efficient music advertising tool for Spotify, Soundcloud

The smart way to promote music OVERVIEW: The Husk is a free & easy to use download gate & fan link platform. The Husk is loaded with amazing features that allow users to connect with their fans and market their music successfully. What really makes it stand out from competitors is that you can monetize...

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Exclusive Interview with ACRONYM Brand Founder, Music Photographer, Culture Curator & Festival Head Amy Nicole

I’m very pleased to have recently picked the brain of one of my favorite people in the music industry and one who wears many inter-related hats, Amy Nicole, founder of ACRONYM.  First of all, I really love how ACRONYM very much looks and feels like an extension of who you are. There’s such an active...

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3 Email Etiquette Tips for Winning Over a Music Blogger’s Attention

Early bird gets the worm, and that is true for almost all online media people itching at the chance to break a story. It’s the same with music, too; journalists and bloggers take pride in “discovering the band” before anyone else, which is why they are quick to jump on premieres or new releases. But...

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Staying In The Spotlight

by MATT BACON > I think that the hardest thing to do in the music industry is to maintain audience interest. This is one of those things that is hard to properly define for a lot of artists because on the one hand it certainly can be a lot of work but on the other...

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Nirvana Is The Key

by MATT BACON > What if I told you the most influential rock band of the last thirty years was fronted by a guy whose favorite bands included Swans and Celtic Frost? What if I told you that this band, after their mainstream breakout release then proceeded to put out a surprisingly challenging experimental rock...

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Unsigned Band Syndrome

I can see it coming from a mile away. Someone is chatting with me and finds out I manage bands and work with labels. Not only do they find that out but they find out that the bands I work with make money, don’t do pay to play and generally seem to be doing okay...

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