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Your Band is a Virus

Advertising On Facebook

by MATT BACON > I think one of the big struggles we are going to be facing in the next few years is social media advertisement (Facebook advertising). Like it or not (And let’s be real – probably not) it’s extremely difficult to set up ads within social media and these high barriers of entry...

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Your Doing It Wrong

by MATT BACON > Bandcamp is one of the most vital and least grasped avenues of the modern music industry. While on the one hand it certainly is a major boost to the music economy, especially for independent bands I get the distinct impression that most bands don’t understand the full potential of Bandcamp. They...

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Have A Marketing Plan

by MATT BACON > So I just did a pair of articles on marketing, which hopefully you read and which hopefully were able to help guide you along. However you need to be able to understand what this marketing plan represents and why it is important. While it certainly can seem self evident at times...

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Your Marketing Plan Pt. 2

by MATT BACON > So in the prequel to this piece we talked about getting your bases covered, sorta figuring out how you’re going to put your plan into action, the fans you are trying to target, getting your general materials and products together and figuring out the price point that you are going to...

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Your Marketing Plan Pt. 1

by MATT BACON > So one thing that I’ve been developing recently is a massive template for a 25-35 page marketing plan. Wile I’m not going to post that here I do want to touch on some of the general ideas that a good marketing plan is going to need to have. This is gonna...

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SMART Marketing And You

by MATT BACON > So, I wrote earlier this week about SWOT analysis and think it’s one of the most important things you can do in developing your bands brand. However I’ve also been learning about SMART marketing lately and I want to share its magic with you. While it’s maybe not as straightforward as...

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