Popular Atlanta based rapper Yung Wun has recently released a new remix for “Tear It Up“, produced by DJ Tone, and it’s catchy as hell. The track features DMX. He is also preparing a full mixtape that will be released sometime in 2012. Prepare for a takeover. He gave us the most brief interview we’ve had, but you can be sure the man speaks through his rhymes.

Yung Wun, welcome to Independent Music Promotions. It’s a pleasure to interview a rapper of your calibre. Tell us, what inspired you to release new material/a new mixtape?

Only a powerful tool for rappers to get a buzz in the streets.  I have enjoyed working with Tara Thomas of NWG/ Thomas PR group. I also plan on getting with Cris Abrego and Creepa from g’s to gents on his new show. Now he’s my boss! I am on my way to Louisvile, KY to meet with DMX. I promise Yung Wun is the one to watch for in 2012. I will be looking for all the upcoming rappers to show me where it’s at!!! We do this for real ruff Ryder for life!

Has hip hop evolved in mostly positive or mostly negative ways?


What can hip hop fans expect from your next album?

The truth.

Who in music today do you most admire most and why?

Lil Kim and Dolly Parton (Their works are brilliant)

Is there any artist or trend you dislike in today’s music scene?

Not really.

How can music fans keep tabs on your work?

www.IamYungWun.com or twitter -IamYungWun



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